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Body- soul- fascia

When someone suffers from a physical pain (symptom) muscle ache, headache, disease, he will turn to conventional medicine and the solution will be in the form of a pill, ointment, injection etc. but what do you do when the pain returns or worse- turns chronic? Or the known solution doesn't work anymore?

plantar fasciitis

More then once I have heard the same story from patience coming for a treatment. They have suffered from aches in their foot, went to the orthopedist (after waiting 3 weeks for an appointment), the doctor told them to have an X-ray and gave a  prescription for anti-inflammatory pills (with or without findings in the x- ray). While taking the pills the pain ceased and then returned without any change. Many carry this pain with the hope it will pass on its own without knowing what to do. So lets clear some things up.


 Hallux Valgus

One might call it the disease of the shoe wearing modern men. It is distortion of the front of the foot where the toe gradually deviates sideways towards the rest of the toes and this creates a state of a prominent bone on the side of the foot. This bone rubes against the edges of the shoe and it creates continuous inflammation, causing discomfort and pain.

Healthy mind in moving body 

This is the second year I'm teaching conscious movement class in AMCHA, a social organization supporting mentally and socially holocaust survivors. Working with them brings up questions and confronts me with the importance of movement



Many layers of connective tissues exist under the skin, interlacing each other, supporting the inner organs, musculoskeletal system, blood vessels and the nervous system. The literal translation of fascia is coating or envelope but  the meaning is more of a net surrounding everything and organizing the body from within. 

Not so long ago it wasn't clear in the medical world what is the function of the fascia

Exercises for spreading the cervical vertebrae and preventing scoliosis

If you look at people around you, probably you won't see many of them walking with their head up. We all walk with our eyes glued to a cell phone. The time we spend bent forward doubled in the last years


"We get used to our stories and keep telling them even when reality has changed, when a different story is woven  underneath, under the old skin. Instead of changing the skin we hold on to the old snakeskin..."

Rewiring the nervus system

A lot has been said about the modern lifestyle and stress, but even the way we try to lower the stress levels, through physical activity for example, doesn't really lower the stress levels from the nervous system and sometimes it even causes the opposite. 


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