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I begun my journey in the therapeutic world, with Reiki studies during a trip to India in 2002. After returning to Israel I got certified. Through the years I kept learning more types of therapy out of curiosity but I never thought I would like to work in the field.  I wanted to know how the body works, what is going on inside, what is our relationship with our surroundings and the world.

In 2003 I studied therapeutic riding and did an internship in the holistic college in Karkur. It was the first time I experienced a way to connect two worlds I was fascinated about- movement and rehabilitation.

From there I kept learning western riding and working with youth at risk at the youth village- Neve Hadassa.

After several years of riding and physical labor I was injured, stiff, with knee and back pain. Even simple forward bend was challenging for me and I understood I have to change the way I work with my body. This is how I discovered yoga and Conscious movement. I fell in love with the Ashtanga style which gave me the balance between my physical need to release energy and the deep connection to the mind and soul on the other hand.

After yoga teacher training (in 2010) I continued to learn orthopedic rehabilitation- fasciakum, with Tal Ziv. I wanted to understand how to improve the body abilities and how to release injuries I was "dragging" with me over the years. Through experience with my own body I learned it is possible to change patterns and it pushed me to learn more methods such as theta healing. 

In 2012 I moved to Goa, India, to deepen my yoga practice with a local teacher ( Rolf Naujokat). I understood it was time to start treating people so I opened a clinic. My wish was to help people to get in touch with their body, deal with the pain and allow healing to happen. I As part of the therapy I give exercises because I belive people should take responsibilty and be an active particepent in their own recovery process.

In 2015 I was certified  as a myofascial therapist at " Advansmed" by Yitzhak Fridman. It widened my therapeutic approach and connected many parts of the puzzle. I discovered fascia which keeps fascinate and excite me since then. Today I keep learning and practicing in the center. I also teach movement awarenesse at AMCHA- association for Holocaust survivors, treating in Tillia clinic, private clients and keep leaning and evolving with different teachers worldwide. 

" 10 cm you learn about yourself worth more than 100 kilometers of theory. Who deals only with theoretical knowledge is an impotent of life"
    Dr. Csikszentmihalyi
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