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This technique enables to detect, identify and treat muscle pain and mobility failures while referring to both physical and emotional aspects. Instead of concentrating all the attention on a specific area, this method concentrates on the relationship between the different body parts. how one  effect the other and the connections between them. for example: why a month after twisting my ankle  my neck began to hurt or how the shoulder connected to a knee injury.

Rehabilitation is different from the norm since through it one can find and treat the source of the problem instead of treating  only the symptoms of pain. The treatment is based on kinesiology and relays on movement and behavior diagnosis to treat the source not the symptoms.

After diagnosing I use different methods- triger point, myofasical therapy, kinezio taiping etc. to treat the problem.

In addition, I give the patient tools to help keep his quality of life, it includes (Behavioral and movement related).

Myofascial Therapy

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