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The word healing raises connotation of mysticism or even a miracle. The definition in the dictionary stats: medical treatment, becoming healthy. But what is healthy? By what parameters do we measure health? 

This questions have no concrete answers. Mostly we hope to return to a state we ones knew, returning back to homeostasis, our inner definition of balance. There are some processes in the body we can diagnose in advance and prevent them from escalating, and some are impossible to reverse, but in all of those stages healing is happening. Sometimes we don't see the immediate results and we give up, in other cases we'll feel drastic changes. The healing process has no defined rules and it can vary between different people and different time periods.

It is important to remember our intention has a direct influence on the healing process. From the moment we decided to treat a certain problem, and we are consistent with the process (with the intention to heal) we're on the right track to recover. Healing is something the body does, this is a part in us connected to nature and our driving force we're just allowing it to do it's work. Healing requires patience and persistence. There is a deep reason preventing the pain from passing and it is not possible to "correct" in a blink of an eye things that took years to brake. Remember in most cases the time needed to heal is equal or longer then the time you were suffering from the symptoms that brought you to the treatment. As long as you're walking this path with the intention to better your lives and body and you are ready to take an active part in the treatment and change accordingly, you are on the path to healing. 

" Doctors mostly don't deal with healing. It is the opposite of survival, which they deal with a lot. Healing is the attempt to deal with the souls aches, from where all diseases come: the soul survives when it transfers it's aches and pain to the body. If you really want to heal, search for something to strengthen your inner healing power, to heal the souls aches. Then the stress from within decreases and the disease will disappear. Know you have this inner healing power "

From the words of Michael Presko, Dr. of medicn combined with the Rambam

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